Virtual Celebration Ideas: to Help Your Team Bond Remotely


Virtual celebration ideas are ways to recognize achievements and observe special occasions online. Online parties and digital shout-outs are fun ways to relax together and acknowledge achievements.
Make a team timeline

Virtual parties last a couple of hours, but team records last much longer. You can memorialize your coworker’s achievements by creating a team timeline. Whenever you add or view a new entry on the timeline, you will notice past accomplishments, too. This activity is a great way to enforce the idea of team success and commemorate your group’s long term achievements. Timelines are one of the more unique and meaningful ways to celebrate milestones remotely.

To make a team timeline, use a program like Adobe Spark to record and share your history.

You can add work specific feats like starting with the company, scoring a major client, securing a promotion, or gaining a certification, as well as personal accomplishments like buying a house, adopting a pet, or traveling to a dream destination. You can even add silly wins like brewing the perfect cup of coffee or finally beating the high score in Candy Crush.

Shout out achievements on social media

You probably already acknowledge friend and family achievements on social media. With your teammates’ blessing, you can celebrate your virtual crew’s accomplishments the same way. By creating a social media group, campaign, or account dedicated to your team’s wins, you can recognize remote team accomplishments on an organizational or global level.

Example posts:

  • Congrats to _____ on her pet adoption! We are happy to welcome Mr. Peanut Butter to the TeamBuilding family!
  • Check out this glowing review from a satisfied customer: “____ went above and beyond to walk me through the software installation process. He was so patient and kind, even when my computer kept freezing!” You rock, _____ !

Social media shout-outs are one of the easiest free virtual celebration ideas. Your staff’s good deeds will receive much-deserved recognition and attention. These posts can garner good will with employees, clients, and brand fans alike. Plus, these shoutouts are excellent for virtual employee engagement.

Send Online Gift Coupons 

As a token of appreciation or to simply add joy to those who matter, send a gift coupon or card. There is an endless range of coupons to buy anything from new clothes to edibles online. Pick one or choose as many that best suits your friends at work and send it to him/her via email. This is also something that companies can give their employees during festive seasons. To celebrate this Hari Raya, you can purchase DahMakan e-vouchers and Grab food vouchers to buy your employees a meal.

Zoom Party

Host a virtual party on Zoom for birthdays, farewells and work anniversaries. This popular video conferencing tool can be used to bring your co-workers from any part of this world to you on your special day. For a birthday and farewell party, you can try creating a picture or video collage of all those unforgettable moments shared together and screen them.

On similar lines, the Supplycart family did a goodbye notes sharing session on Zoom for a beloved employee. Where, each of them wrote a short farewell note on paper and displayed it on their screens. This way everyone got to see what all of their peers had to say and this sweet moment was captured by a screen shot. This is an idea to try. Additionally, you can even have your rooms decorated, play some peppy music, to sing and dance along together. A way to have a quick, cost-friendly yet memorable celebration.

Have Fun With Employees’ Talents

Host contests and give prizes for creating holiday-themed projects. Let employees get creative and have fun with making photoshopped images, mad-lib RFPs, humorous gifs, and other playful versions of whatever it is they do best.

Creative Expressions

Diwali is an apt festival to push the creative instincts of your kids.

If you notice your employees’ interest with words, you may encourage them to write poems and essays about the Diwali celebrations.

An additional step that can give a fillip to their writing skills would be to post their writings on either your Facebook page or your blog for your friends and family to appreciate and comment on their gift of expression.

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