Top Free Job Posting Sites In India & Google Chrome Extensions For Recruitment


Distributing your role across multiple job posting sites is a great way to attract a strong pool of active talent. Here are our picks for the top job boards where you can post your jobs for free, when sourcing talent for your roles in India.

Extensions for Google’s Chrome browser have eased the process of scouring and finding the right candidates much easier for modern-day hiring managers and recruiters, and have helped them achieve their hiring objectives more efficiently.

1. Hello Talent

Hello Talent is one of the most efficient chrome extensions for recruiters. It allows the recruiters to add the details of the candidate into their talent pool for many sources on the online medium. When you find the profile of a worthy candidate online, you just need to click on the Hello Talent button, which will import all the details of the candidate into your database. Plus, this extension allows you to add comments, ratings, tags and other additional information as and when required.

2. is among the best Chrome extensions for recruiters, as it helps the recruiters source their candidate through referrals. To date, referrals are the best and the most reliable source of recruiting people. This extension helps you make most of this referral opportunity by establishing a mutual point of contact between the recruiter and the most probable candidate. It ensures that reaching out and connecting with the candidate becomes much easier.

3. Buffer

Buffer helps you tap into the untapped resource of social media. Nowadays, every individual with active internet access has some form of presence on social media. Hardly anyone with an internet connection could manage to stay away from social media for long. Moreover, there is an amazing talent pool hidden behind those indirect and direct social media connections. Buffer is one of those chrome extensions that can single-handedly manage all the social media accounts of the company from one place. Plus, it allows the recruiter to positively engage with their prospective candidates and to promote the employer’s brand during different stages of the hiring process.

4. Mighty Sourcer

Mighty Sourcer is a free recruiting chrome extension that allows recruiters to recognise and distinguish their most suitable candidates on different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Linkedin, and gather basic details about them including their education, skills, professional details, work experience, contact information, etc. This information can then help the hiring managers to contact their prospects directly through customised messages, which in turn saves precious time and brings efficiency. This feature makes Mighty Sourcer one of the best chrome extensions 2019.

5. Hunter

Most of the time, while browsing on the internet or social media platforms, you may come across a candidate profile that would be a perfect match to your open job position. However, you may find their contact details missing or absent. In this case, Hunter becomes the most useful resource, as it scouts the internet and sources information about different people including their basic details, such as name, email address, job titles, contact number, and others. Each result is scored as per their most likely accuracy.

6. Hiretual

Apart from sourcing the contact details, Hiretual builds smart job titles and job descriptions that are based on Boolean search strings method across different online platforms. Another wonderful aspect of Hiretual is the feature called Profile Analytics, which arranges and shows candidate details, such as their seniority, availability, salary details and rankings. This feature helps streamline and smoothen the process for the recruiters.

7. Accompany for Gmail

Accompany is an exceptional chrome extension for recruiters which provides information-rich profiles of every candidate into your mailbox. All you need to do is hover over a given candidate name, and all their details, including job title, past companies, profile, brief career history, etc. will be available to you. This Chrome extension allows recruiters to check brief candidate profile information right from the mailbox. Moreover, Accompany for Gmail allows you to make notes, write comments and set reminders for a particular candidate.

8. 360 Social

360 Social is a free chrome extension that allows them to check the social media presence of a particular candidate, such as their pictures, profiles, employment details, skills, contact details, etc. with optimum accuracy and in real-time. This extension could show the social media footprint of any candidate, right inside your web browser. Therefore, 360 Social is an excellent tool that enables sourcing, as well as interviewing prospects.

9. Streak

Streak extension can be effectively utilised across all stages of the recruitment process. This extension contains a CRM that could manage your interactions with your candidates at any given point during the hiring process, including sourcing, screening, interviewing or even management. This CRM feature functions seamlessly from within your Gmail account, without needing to switch repeatedly between the two.

10. Find That Lead

Find That Lead is a wonderful Chrome extension for recruiters that allows them to find the email address of a job-seeking candidate whom they find most suitable for the job position. This extension can help find the email address of a particular candidate or many candidates by sourcing the information directly from the Linkedin profile of the candidate.

11. Lusha

Lusha is the go-to Chrome extension for recruiters and hiring managers who are searching for talent on social media platforms. The extension scans the candidate profile page that you have visited and provides accurate and latest contact details of candidates while adhering to the data protection laws. It enables the recruiters to gain the most recent contact details of a particular candidate.

12. Badge

If you have found a potential candidate on Linkedin, but you don’t have their contact details, then the Badge Chrome extension is the one for you. With the help of a combination of algorithms, it scans the internet to recover verified professional and personal email addresses from the given name and organisation details of the candidate. This scanning process takes place over the web and is not limited to a particular database. Keep in mind — even if it takes time, the information it acquires is always up-to-date.

13. LinkedBack

Throughout the recruitment cycle of a particular candidate, the recruiters are required to take notes on certain points about the performance and skills of the candidate to efficiently manage their records. LinkedBack allows hiring managers to put notes or tags on a Linkedin profile and save the latest version of the candidate profile for any future reference.

These extensions for Google’s chrome browser have eased the process of scouring and finding the right candidates much easier for modern-day hiring managers and recruiters, and have helped them achieve their hiring objectives more efficiently.

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