Employee Engagement Ideas: Work From Home Employees


Employee engagement goes beyond the responsiveness of emails, meeting attendance, and maintaining relationships with other colleagues; it’s a two-way relationship of emotional commitment between the organization and each employee. With this mutual commitment defined, the definition of engagement can be interpreted differently depending on the nature of the business environment. Here are some of Ideas:

Provide Tools:

  • To support individual and team, focus on the right priorities; effective, timely, and targeted communication; and a sense of connection across teams and between individuals throughout the organization.
  • Using the right tools, all of your employees will know the top priorities of the company, the team and the individual. This gets rid of all of the wasted work that comes from teams that aren’t aligned to the company’s goals.

Tools to consider:

  • Face to face video conferencing like Zoom or Google Hangouts 
  • Google Drive or DropBox to share files

Put relevant information at their fingertips:

  • We believe that that employee should not spend hours to find relevant information. The information should find them. 
  • Changes the way employees search for and find information that makes them more productive.

Small Talk Really Matters to Remote Employees:

  • Chat, drop-by get-together—whatever you want to call a break from tasks for idle talk—is important to all of your workers, regardless of whether they’re co-located or not. According to one study by Slack, 85% of workers want to feel closer to their remote colleagues.
  • Not every communication with your remote employees needs to be work-focused. Don’t be afraid to drop the occasional off-topic email, instant message or funny GIF.

Rewarding Your Remote Workforce Is a Requirement:

  • The best way to motivate people, regardless of where they’re located, is rewarding them for positive behaviors and these people are each motivated differently.
  • That’s why holistic employee engagement that focuses on a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is key to motivating a remote audience.

Virtual “Let’s Get To Know Each Other” Sessions:

  • Office teams can share the in-office fun with virtual get to know you sessions.
  • The team at Timely, for instance, uses video conferencing platforms to connect.
  • They quiz each other on colleague fun facts and hold themed trivia sessions. You can get everyone communicating and sharing to get to know each other better.

Team Lunches:

  • Employees in physical offices often get to enjoy their favorite nearby restaurants together at lunch. They get to try the new coffee spot down the street. But you can eat together remotely, too.
  • Once a month, invite your team to order whatever lunch they want. Then, get everyone on a call and have some candid conversations over Google Hangouts or Zoom. You can talk about your week, the last trip you took, or your plans for the coming weekend.
  • The team at Hotjar hold coffee and learn sessions. It’s an excellent opportunity to bond and even do some professional development.

Weekly Alignment Sessions:

  • You can keep your team energized with a weekly alignment session.
  • You can cover the objectives of your organization and encourage attendees to share ideas for alignment.
  • These topics can include themes like culture and professional development.

Tools and Tips for Engaging Dispersed Teams and Remote Employees:

  • Use video whenever possible. Video conferencing is extremely cost-effective and studies have shown that it boosts engagement with remote employees.
  • Start all meetings off with a round of good news to keep the energy up and remote team members connected and engaged in the successes of the company overall.
  • Make sure your systems and communication tools are designed to help remote team members understand the company’s vision, their team’s purpose, and their roles within it.
We can’t wait to hear your virtual team building success stories!

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