Work From Home: Timings Organization For Maternity Leave


If you are a working mom and the company has provided your child with crèche facilities at office, chances are that you may receive a crèche allowance in the future. As work from home becomes the new norm, definition of maternity benefits at workplaces may undergo a change along with maternity leaves being overhauled, according to human resource consulting firms.

Companies are now rethinking not only how to treat staff leaves but will also re-examine insurance policies, working hours, safe hours for calling, when to email, among many others. All work-related issues are now open for redefinition and re-purposing.

HR consulting firms say that with the definition of work changing, especially with work shifting to homes for most employees, companies are trying to understand how their liabilities will change, among the several areas that are up for an overhaul. “Leave policies in terms of number of official/national holidays, hours of work, overtime calculation and maternity benefits etc. differ from state to state,” says Rishi Agrawal, chief executive, Avantis Regtech, adding that work-from-home mandates have meant that companies are beginning to discuss the implications of the model on a long term basis.

Many companies have asked their employees to work from home till August. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd said it expects 75% of its staff to permanently work from home by 2025. IT industry body Nasscom has said the industry must take a phased approach with 15-20% staff attending offices till June-July.

For an IT company, 60-65% spend on workforce is in the form of maintaining premises, conveyance, canteen and other amenities as part of fixed costs, which becomes an immediate saving when employees work from home.

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