Talent War: India’s Midsized IT Firms Actively Upskilling & Hiring Freshers


In the face of record-high attrition that is hurting even their larger peers, India’s mid-sized IT firms are pulling out all the stops to attract talent.

All of the major players are putting their best foot forward in order to attract fresh talent and win lateral hiring from one another. Freshers are seen as a way out of the talent shortage for mid-sized businesses.

According to industry reports, L&T Infotech plans to hire 5,500 engineering graduates this fiscal year. In order to address the need for specialised abilities, the company is also putting in place a plan to hire non-technical personnel and put them through a six-month training programme. Similarly, Persistent Systems is enlisting the help of “conventional” engineers.

Increased deal wins for India’s $45 billion IT services business, as well as a talent shortage, was brought on by a pandemic-induced surge in demand for digital transformation. The demand for software developers skilled in new technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, Low Code No Code, and so on far outstripped supply. As a result, IT companies are scrambling to find “conventional” engineers as well as non-engineering graduates to fill the void.

To be sure, businesses are actively upskilling their existing staff, but this is insufficient to meet the growing need. Most mid-sized IT companies have been employing roughly 1,000 new employees every quarter, and they expect this trend to continue in the near- to medium-term.

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