Survey: More Than 85% People Hail And Welcome The New Labour Codes

he Indian Government’s decision to consolidate 29 central labour laws into 4 labour codes, is a move that is going to bring about monumental structural changes and reforms in employment policies that have existed for quite a while. In the light of the anticipated implementation of the new codes, Genius Consultant Ltd, a leading recruitment firm, has conducted a survey to gauge the reaction of India Inc and their sentiments following the awaited implementation.

According to the survey, over 90% of people welcomed the new implementations and believed that these reforms were long overdue and would bring about policy changes that would be beneficial in hindsight for both employees and establishments. When asked their opinion on the implication it will have on labourers ‘Right to Strike’, over 60% of people believed that the new provision would be beneficial for establishments that have now prohibited strikes and industrial lock-out without prior notice. However, 40% of respondents differed to agree on the same.

The new codes have also included the provision for women now to be entitled to be employed for all types of work with their consent before 6 am and after 7 pm. The government may instruct such establishments to make adequate arrangements to ensure the safety of women prior to employment. When respondents were asked their opinion on the new provision and its implications on women’s safety and productivity. Over 90% of respondents agreed that flexibility would have a favourable impact and 10% of respondents disagreed, stating that it would have very little effect on improving safety and productivity.

The proposed reform for worker’s fixed-term contract under the new labour code was widely welcomed by the respondents with 80% in support of the new reform for its positive implications on the staffing industry. The draft proposal suggests that fixed-term employees should also be eligible to avail all statutory benefits provided to permanent workers in connection to the period service. It also suggests that compensation for fixed-term workers be paid within seven days of the wage period and transparency be maintained in all matters regarding wages.

When respondents were asked of their opinion on the new amendment that suggests establishments with over 300 employees cannot be laid off without government intervention; over 60% respondents were in favour of the amendment and close to 40% respondents were dubious of the amendment and its implications.

R P Yadav, CMD, Genius Consultants Ltd. commenting on the survey said “The implementation of these new labour codes is widely anticipated by the industry. These codes are going to fetch some much-needed modifications that were long overdue. These codes have encompassed provisions to safeguard the interest of employees both fixed-term and permanent and overall push the industries towards reformist developments.”

He further added “The survey was conducted in an attempt to understand the industry’s mood and sentiments in regard to the new codes. We truly believe such surveys should be conducted from time to time to gauge key industry opinions on relevant topics.”

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