New Labour Laws At Root of Unrest In Wistron, Toyota: Siddaramaiah


The BJP government in Karnataka must take proactive steps to resolve industrial disputes causing workers unrest in major multinational manufacturing units in the state like Wistron Infocomm India Pvt Ltd and Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM), leaders of the opposition Congress and JDS parties in Karnataka have stated.

In a letter to Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, Congress leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said the newly introduced labour laws are at the root of the workers’ unrest in firms like Wistron and TKM.

Using the shield of new labour laws passed during the coronavirus crisis, companies are increasing work hours and are trying to employ more workers under the contract system than a permanent system, Siddaramaiah stated in his letter to Yediyurappa.

“When the workers protest peacefully the government and the labour department pay no attention to them. When protests take a severe turn, the workers are called rioters and anti-nationals and the police force is used to file cases against them,” he added.

“After the protests at Wistron took a severe turn Prime Minister Modi called and expressed his concern about incidents – according to chief minister Yediyurappa. The Prime Minister and Chief Minister have not expressed concern over workers rights being trampled. The main cause for the current workers unrest are the anti labor laws of the centre and state,” the letter further said.

In the past year, the state government has introduced an ordinance to modify labor laws.

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