Migrant Workers: We Have Lost Faith In System

Roshan Shrivastav (19) was looking forward to finally being able to vote since he turned adult a year ago, till enduring pain and suffering as a migrant during the lockdown shook his faith in the system.

A native of Bihar, Roshan arrived in Delhi to find a job and support his family. He is now desperate to return home.

On Friday, Roshan along with his nephew Shivam Shrivastav (19) and friend Prince Gupta (21) were turned back by the police when they attempted to cross the Delhi-UP border in the hope of somehow reaching their homes in Bihar. The trio, who lived in a rented single-room flat in Delhi, said their landlord was “kind” to them and did not ask for rent. “Politicians play games with us around election times with fake and hollow promises,” Roshan said.

Feeling that people like him have been “abandoned by the government” in this time of crisis and having “lost faith in the system”, Roshan said he has decided to either not cast his vote at all or choose the NOTA option in future elections.

Shivam and Prince also said they would not vote at all in any election as the coronavirus crisis had exposed the fault lines. — PTI 

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