Labour Law Gazette Notifications (Updates) Of August-2021: “One Clik”


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The Amendments Under The Madhya Pradesh Child Labour (Prohibition And Regulation) Rules,1993

Government of Madhya Pradesh vide notification no.1036-183-2018-A-XVI has amended The Madhya Pradesh Child Labour (Prohibition And Regulation) Rules,1993. As per the amendment,(1) Inserted a new provision towards awareness on prohibition of employment of child and adolescents in contravention to Act, child to held his family without affecting education, child to work as an artist, hours of work for an adolescent person, payment of amount to child or adolescents for labour rehabilitation fund, person who are capable of filing complaints, provision towards compounding an offence, duties of magistrate and inspector, periodical inspection and monitoring, (2) New provision also include liability of producer for involving a child in audio-visual production or any commercial event and producer for such activity shall furnish Form C to the district magistrate for approval, (3) Replaced the previous rule towards certificate of age and therefore, (i) mandated that employer shall produce a certificate of age received from the appropriate medical authority to the Inspector on demand, (ii) The appropriate medical authority while examining an adolescents shall consider details such as Aadhar card, the date of birth certificate, birth certificate of adolescents given by a corporations or a Municipal Authority or a Panchayat.

The Manipur Shops And Establishments (Regulation Of Employment And Conditions Of Service) Ordinance, 2021

Governor of Manipur has promulgated ordinance on The Manipur Shops And Establishments (Regulation Of Employment And Conditions Of Service) Ordinance, 2021. As per the ordinance, (i) It shall apply to all shops and establishments employing ten or more workers (ii) It repeals The Manipur Shops And Establishments Act,1972.

The Labour Welfare Fund (Gujarat) (Amendment) Rules, 2021

Government of Gujarat vide notification No:-KHR/2021/106/GWB/122021/7942 1/M(2) has removed the provision towards maintenance of register in Form A under The Labour Welfare Fund (Gujarat) Rules,1962.

Auto Renewal Of Registration under The Andhra Pradesh Shops And Establishments Act, 1988

The Government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of Labour and Employment vide notification no.G.O.Ms.No.11 in order to enhance Ease Of Doing Business and minimize regulatory compliance burden has introduced “Auto renewal of registration certificate” under shops and establishments subject to submission of self certification and payment of online fee. Hence, Employer registered under the Act in the State of Andhra Pradesh may make note of the above and avail the facility of auto renewal of registration certificate and utilize the facility accordingly.

ESIC Introduced COVID-19 Relief Scheme For The Benefit Of Insured Person

ESIC vide notification No.N-12/13/1/2019-P&D has introduced COVID-19 relief scheme for the insured person who are considered to be “Employee” working in a factory or establishments as defined under The Employees State Insurance Act , 1948. The scheme also provides eligibility conditions as mentioned, (1) The deceased insured person must have been registered on the ESIC online portal at least three months prior to the death of diagnosis of COVID-19 disease. (2) The deceased insured person must be in employment in the date of diagnosis of COVID-19 disease and contribution for at least seventy days should have been paid or payable in respect of him or her during the period of maximum one year immediately preceding the diagnosis of COVID-19 diseases resulting in death. The scheme as mentioned shall be effective from 24th March 2020 for the period of two years.

The Assam Minimum Wages Notification (June 2021)

The Government of Assam vide notification No. GLR.503/81/Pt-II/8, has released revised minimum rates of wages (variable dearness allowance) state of Assam effective from 1st June 2021.

EPFO Launches A Drive To Promote Employee E-Nominations

EPFO vide circular No. Pension-3/E-nomination Monitoring Cell/pt.(35734)/1770 has directed all field offices to pursue members to file e-nomination under subject known as Bharat Ka Amrit Mahotsav. In this regard, members who do not have ready access to desktop/mobile may be facilitated by the concerned field office for getting their nomination filed online when they visit the office. Hence, employers are requested to make note of the above and facilitate filing e-nomination for their employees.

EPFO Notifies Employer Guidelines For Rectification Of Details For KYC Update Of Members

EPFO vide circular has notified employers “Guideline for Rectification of Details for KYC Update of Member and Proof of Documents required for availing services”. Employers has been requested to follow the prescribed guidelines subject to submission of correct proof of documents and records to enable the member to update the KYC and to avail the benefit of online settlement and EPFO services. Further to this, it has also been notified that complete change in the member profile cannot allowed in the normal course through online or offline process except in extreme situations wherein employer can prove that the member name has been changed following the due process prescribed by law or if there has been erroneous upload of member data by the employer following which the employer has to produce documentary evidence of the member and after due verification, will be considered for correction. The details of the requirement of certain documents to be submitted by the Employer and the Member under various heads for rectification of details for KYC update can be found on the attachment. Hence, Employer has been requested to make note of the same and also notify their members who wish to rectify their profile for KYC update for availing services and settlement under EPFO

Submission Of Information On Accidents In Factories On Online SystemMaharashtra

Government of Maharashtra vide notification no.24/2021 has developed an online system to ensure timely receipt of information on accident in the factory. In case of fire, air leak, explosion or any other accident in factories, all manufacturers are advised to fill the details in Form No.24 or 24-A of the Accident Reporting System, which could be found on the Directorate’s website and should be submitted with the signature of the Occupant/Manager of the Factory to the concerned office of the directorate within the prescribed time. Hence all manufacturers,Occupiers/Managers of the Factories are requested to keep note of the above.

EPFO Gives Relief From Penalty For Delay In Deposit Of Dues Or Filing Of ECRs For Wage Month Of May 2021

EPFO vide circular No. C-I/MISC./Pandemic Relief/2021/Vol-I has directed its field offices not to presume Employers default with respect to the delay in filing of ECRs for the month of May, 2021 which are statutorily due on or before 15th June 2021 on account of non-seeding of Aadhar with the UANs. Further, EPFO has advised its offices to appreciate each case in its own facts under section 14B of the Employees Provident Fund And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.

Enforcement Of Provisions Towards ESIC In Mayiladuthurai, Vellore And Ariyalur Districts Of Tamil Nadu

ESIC vide notification S.O. 3528(E) has implemented the provisions towards Chapter IV (Contribution), Chapter V (Benefits), Chapter VI (Adjudication Of Disputes and Claims) effective from 1st day of September, 2021 in all the areas of Mayiladuthurai, Vellore and Ariyalur in the State of Tamil Nadu.

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