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The future of people and work has been significantly transformed and challenged by the new normal. Organizations all over are in need of a workforce that can meet the skill gaps created which are unique to each of them. Simultaneously, the universal values of diversity, inclusivity and belongingness (DIB) have to be championed alongside these practical aspects as leaders venture into the new world of recruitment. While there is acknowledgement of what organisations need in order to thrive, the question remains: How do they get there?

The answer to this can be summed up in two words: employer branding

It is imperative for organisations to engage in authentic and empathetic storytelling to attract and fulfill their talent requirements and while each company will be paving its own, distinctive path, there are certain key lessons that will be applicable to all. 

With the intention of helping leaders and organisations strategise hiring operations for the new normal, People Matters and Indeed have come together with a two day program to delve into the two crucial aspects of bringing in individuals with a heterogenous talent profile while keeping sight of diversity and belongingness. This program will provide leaders with the skills that will enable them to use the power of storytelling to attract the right stakeholders and will use real life experiences as a guiding tool for companies to build and shape their employer branding and even update their employee value propositions (EVP).

Along with the acquisition of the right skill sets, leaders and professionals will also learn about the centrality of belongingness when it comes to talent management and how it differs from basic  D&I initiatives. Another interesting discussion that will come up is the need for a ‘culture-add’ policy over a ‘culture-fit’ policy. Organisations have to continuously open themselves up and break old habits in order to bring to life the dream of a diverse, skilled workforce and the right strategy is the most crucial ingredient in this recipe. 

To sum it up, following the completion of this program, leaders and professionals will be empowered to:

  • Tell the story of their company in a way that helps bring in the workforce that will enable them to thrive and overcome the challenges of the new normal.
  • Build a work culture that continuously caters to the well-being of the employees by helping them feel like they belong and motivating them to stay.
  • Emphasise on the need for organisations to challenge their biases and open themselves up to inviting a diverse workforce which will surprise them and raise the organisation standards in exciting, innovative ways. 

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