HR Evolution: What is shaping the growth of HR in Asia?


Human Resources, till a few years ago, was looked at as just another function. Thanks to emerging technologies and the changing dynamic, HR today has become an integral part of the business from the peripheral role it started off with, helping in compliance and data management. Digital transformation accelerated by several macro and micro changes has brought back the ‘human’ aspect in human resources. Evolving employee preferences, changing customer expectations, and newer rules and regulations have reshaped work and talent management. 

In today’s world of ever-evolving skill demand, HR leaders are facing the twin challenge of engaging employees and finding the right talent that has led to innovations in how they hire, upskill, and retain employees. The global pandemic further accelerated the rate of workplace disruption. 

Today, organizational agility and employee experience have become two primary drivers of HR evolution. The priority is to build a future-ready workforce that is engaged while being skilled and productive to face rapid business disruptions. To meet the needs of agility and experience, the way ahead is to empower and evolve. 

From adapting to newer technologies in the hybrid world to addressing demands of creating well-being programs for employees, HR is taking newer dimensions to help businesses attract, engage and retain the right talent. 

APAC’s most extensive study on Agility and Experience 

As we have entered the new year, change is abundant. Dictated by changing business needs, agility is the cornerstone of success. Rapid disruptions have put HR leaders in a rush to catch up with the pace at which external conditions are progressing. Therefore, monitoring factors influencing an organization’s ability to maneuver and win over change is crucial.  

A crucial part of their role today is to build new talent management practices and revamp old practices in light of such changes.   

Building experience in the hybrid world of work has also taken newer dimensions. HR leaders are reimagining employee experience through new lenses, focusing on how effectively the organization empowers its people. HR leaders have created multi-faceted approaches to overcoming barriers, democratizing the flow of information, building the right leaders, and ensuring employees are skilled and productive for the future.  

The People Matters and Darwinbox research study HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Empower & Evolve charts the progress of talent management practices and HR priorities across APAC. The most extensive workplace transformation study of its kind, it is your place as an HR leader or practitioner to share your vision of change in 2023 and help build the right perspectives for this year and beyond. Perspectives that are geared to help your company grow and succeed amidst a period of rapid talent disruptions. 

Voice your perspectives for 2023

While changes in the business ecosystem often are the primary driving force behind HR evolution priorities and perspectives, each company sits in a unique cross-section of context and specificity, a mix of internal and external forces that place you in a distinct position. 

Be part of the HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 study and be a part of the voice that defines how the renewed relevance of agility and experience is shaping your HR policies. It’s your place to tell us how you’re empowering your employees to make better decisions and ensuring that your talent management practices keep pace with the evolving nature of work.

By: People Matters Editorial Team

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