From Human Capital To Human Experience: The Components Of Employee Experience

The COVID19 global pandemic has transformed the world of work. But thanks to digital technologies, many companies have been able to pivot their business models by encouraging employees to work remotely. Speaking about the need for employee experience Marc Havercroft, Global Chief Customer Officer, SAP SuccessFactors spoke about how “we can’t put old processes on new technology and expect a new outcome”  

Here are some of the key takeaways from his session:

1.      Understand that people are your business: “Your people are your business,” Marc said. “The experience of your organization directly affects the experience of our customers.” HR is the custodian of experience – and even during these changed circumstances, it is experience that is key to the business. The best thing one can do is to talk to people.

2.     Trust is an important component of experience: Trust your people, hire the best and let them run the business, Marc said. At a time when remote work has become the new normal, it is all the more important for companies to repose faith in their employees.

3.     Invest in human-need centered processes: Talking about the importance of investing in new technology and processes. He said “We can’t put old processes on new technology and expect a new outcome.” Human-need centered processes are dependent on looking through the individual need.

Designing solutions on experience involves reconciling “What experiences are” and “what experiences should be” he noted.

4.     Measure experience : “Listening, acting and owning are three things that are a part of human needs centered processes”. One needs to measure experience just like you measure productivity. Just as a CFO or CMO has metrics to track, the HR function needs to measure experience.

In conclusion, Marc noted that the global pandemic has acted as a catalyst to the companies relooking employee experience and culture. And the current business realities gives companies a real opportunity to break from the past.

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