Employee Re-Joining: Rules & Documents


Re-joining obviously should be based on past performance and conduct of an ex-employee.

These are paramount:

1. Tenure served (fairly substantial/conforms to minimum acceptable)

2. Appraisal reports/ratings/achievements/usefulness

3. Progression in the Company (promotions/increments/rewards/ participativeness)

4. Inter-personal skills/conduct with colleagues/superiors alike.

5. Job aptitude/attitude exhibited during past tenure

6. Incidents of any misconduct/violation/contravention of any set policy/guidelines/law

7. Extracurricular activities : Unionism/staff welfare/events/social work

8. Complementary skill-sets “now” required by the Company

9. Knowledge sharing/mentoring/leadership/motivational abilities, team play, etc.

10.Exit conduct – proper handover/return of Co. docs/equipment/IPR, etc. and refund of outstandings, notice period served, etc.

11.Peer recommendations/respect for the person..

The re-joining policy can incorporate the above and perhaps more as conditionality for re-engagement in the Company. You may also develop a checklist for HR to tick off against all seeking to return to the Company or are on a recall.

Format 1: Employee Welcome Kit

Format 2: Rules & Regulations

Format 3: Employee Application Form

Format 4: Ethics

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