Central trade unions: Ministry To Put on Hold Four Labour Codes & Re-start Discussions


The joint platform of 10 central trade unions have asked the labour ministry to put on hold the four labour codes and instead re-start discussions with the Unions on the Codes rather than rushing to implement them.

“The central trade unions demanded that all the four codes should be put on hold and then discussions should start with the central trade unions on each of the Labour Codes afresh in the true spirit of bipartite and tripartite consultations,” the trade unions said in a joint statement issued after the physical meeting with the labour ministry on Wednesday.

The 10 CTUs include the Congress-backed INTUC, Left’s CITU and AITUC and others like AIUTUC, TUCC, HMS, SEWA, LPF, AICCTU and UTUC.

The unions have also made a written submission to labour minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar saying they outrightly reject the labour ministry’s move to frame Rules on the Labour Codes which have been passed by the Parliament without any discussion following a boycott by the opposition.

“The joint platform of central trade unions have outright rejected the move of the government to frame Rules on the and Labour Codes which were passed in the Parliament without any discussion after all the opposition members of parliament boycotted the session,” the statement said.

According to the statement, several MPs have given in writing that the labour codes should not be placed in a hurry and that there is need for serious discussions on such an important matter with trade unions as well as in the Parliament as it impacts the life of more than 50 crore workers in the country.

“But the government went ahead flouting the parliamentary norms and bypassing the tripartite consultation. This is in violation and disregard to the international commitments on international labour standards and the ILO Conventions of which India is signatory,” the joint platform of trade union said.

According to the statement, the joint platform of central trade unions categorically told labour ministry officials that they would not discuss the Rules for the four Codes as they have already rejected the four Labour Code.

Further, the unions have alleged that the government has failed to take cognizance of the suggestions made by them as well as the parliamentary standing committee on the codes.

“Moreover the draft Labour Codes which were posted in the public domain and the one which were approved by the Cabinet and subsequently passed in the parliament was totally different,” the unions said.

“The government is not serious either on bipartite discussions or tripartite discussions in accordance with the ILO conventions and is rushing to push the implementation of all these codes under pressure from the corporate and employers organizations,” the unions added.

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