Scope of ESIC’s Medical Scheme Will Increase, Standing Committee Has Submitted a Proposal

Employees working in the private sector can get a big relief this month. The preparations to increase the coverage of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation’s (ESIC) medical scheme to the salary earners of Rs 30,000 per month have almost been completed. So far, only employees earning Rs 21 thousand or less per month come under its purview. In order to increase the scope of medical facilities provided by ESIC, a proposal has been submitted by the Standing Committee of ESIC of the Ministry of Labor and Employment to the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation only last month. Now this proposal is expected to be finalized in the proposed ESIC board meeting in Rishikesh on September 10. If this happens, about 4.5 crore employees of the country will come under the ambit of this benefit. At present about 3.48 crore employees are insured in ESIC.

At present, 0.75 percent from the salary of the employees covered by the benefits and 3.25 percent from the employer’s contribution is deposited in ESIC. Although earlier the scope of ESIC was only 15 thousand rupees, which was increased to 21 thousand by the central government in 2016. However, the way the salaries of employees are increasing in the private sectors also, a large number of employees are leaving this circle. Keeping this in mind, this new proposal has been made.

Azamgarh resident SP Tiwari, a member of the standing committee of ESIC of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, had recently told during his stay in Varanasi that two weeks ago, a proposal has been submitted to the corporation to increase the scope of benefits from ESIC. After approval from the corporation, this proposal will go to the Ministry of Finance. After getting approval from there, a large number of employees will get relief. SP Tiwari said that an option has also been given in the proposal that if an employee has become insured in ESIC once, then he should be considered entitled to the benefit while continuing to contribute even after increasing his salary.

This benefit is available from the State Employees Insurance Corporation

Free medical facilities to the insured and his dependents

Pay 70 to 90 percent of the salary in case the employee is unwell or injured in an accident.

– Pension up to 90 percent of the salary to the dependent on the death of the employee due to accident or corona infection

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