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  • Madras HC: 3 Year Diploma/ Polytechnic Equivalent To 12th Standard Certificate For LLB Admissions
  • Chhattisgarh High Court: HNLU VC Cannot Initiate Disciplinary Proceedings Against Employees Without Delegation Of Power By EC
  • Delhi High Court: GIAL Service Rules] Provision On Notice Period Only Applicable In Case Of Employees, Not Probationers
  • Karnataka HC: Blood Relatives Can Share Employer-Employee Relationship Under Workmen’s Compensation Act
  • Supreme Court: Leave Encashment Benefit Is Part Of Salary
  • Kerala High Court: Industrial Disputes Act, Enquiry Under Section 33(2)(b) Meant To Lift The Veil On Any Hidden Motive To Punish The Workman
  • Bombay HC: Employer Cannot Deny Back Wages Citing ‘No Work No Pay’ After Refusing Reinstatement Due To Pendency Of Appeal Against Acquittal
  • Madras HC: Notice of enquiry cannot challenge in high court
  • Supreme Court: If the Order of Termination is approved by the Industrial Tribunal; then it will be binding between the parties
  • Supreme Court: Motor Accident Claims – Reliance Can’t Be Placed On Minimum Wages Notification When There Is Positive Evidence Regarding Income
  • Kerala HC: Candidates With Locomotor Disability Can’t Be Appointed On Posts Reserved For Blind Hearing Impaired Candidates Unless Such Persons Unavailable
  • Karnataka HC: Employee cannot initiate criminal proceedings after termination to arm twist employer
  • Gujarat HC: Denies Relief To ‘Ineligible’ Color Blind Candidate For The Post Of Electrical Assistant In Govt Power Company
  • Power of writ court to interfere with the punishment inflicted by the disciplinary authority
  • Delhi HC: Assistant manager performing clerical job is a workman.
  • Delhi HC: Principal employer will have to pay accident compensation to workers of a contractor.
  • Supreme Court: Employers Have To Deposit Employees’ Contribution Towards EPF/ESI To Avail Deduction U/Sections 36(1)(va) & 43B of Income Tax Act
  • Gujarat HC: ESIC Not Applicable To CA firm
  • Patna HC: An establishment once covered under the PF Act, remain so even when the number of employees is reduced
  • Karnataka HC: [Principle Of Pay & Recover] Statutory Right Of Third Party To Be Compensated U/S 149 MV Act Even If Vehicle Owner Contests Claim
  • Supreme Court: Qualification Prevailing On The Date Of Applying For Compassionate Appointment Is To Be Considered
  • Karnataka High Court: Bank Employees’ Gratuity Can’t Be Adjusted Against Their Outstanding Loan
  • Allahabad HC: Whether a Government Servant is Entitled to Full Pension and Gratuity Pending Criminal Proceedings Against him?

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