Diageo India: 26-Week Parental Leave To All Employees, Irrespective Of Gender


Diageo India has rolled out a 26-week parental leave policy to all employees, regardless of gender, after birth/adoption of a child.

The family leave policy also covers employees who become parents through surrogacy, The Times of India has reported. The 26-week parental leave policy came into effect on July 30, and is a step towards a more inclusive workplace.

“It’s no more spouses, it’s partners who get covered. It’s a significant step in articulating our thinking is more holistic, and creating inclusive policies and environments for employees to thrive and succeed at the workplace. We believe that this will pave the way to greater equality, and talent is retained and nurtured,” Aarif Aziz, the chief human resources officer at Diageo India, told the publication.

Spouses/partners can avail the leave anytime within 12 months of birth/adoption of the child, the report said.

“Every employee is encouraged to equally focus on the joy of raising a new family; while continuing to thrive at work, ensuring that they can spend quality time and bond with their child,” Aziz said.

Diageo India’s family leave policy also include benefits and bonuses such as flexible working hours, creche allowance, maternity, and surrogacy coverage, up to 10-weeks leave in the event of a miscarriage.

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